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Ed Nelson, ChFC
Ed Nelson
I am a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) that works as a fiduciary and Registered Investment Advisor.  That means that by law,  I put my clients' interests above my own.

I just feel that's the way it should be when people are trusting you to help them with their money.
Financial Planner
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I have been advising individuals and businesses in some fashion for over twenty-five years. From providing management consulting services as part of a Big Four accounting firm to being the "go-to guy" on everyone's 401(k) I decided that helping people with their financial resources was the best way to leverage my passion for helping with my passion for finance and in particular investments.
Here is a link to my company web site:  http://www.clear-trace.com
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There is a lot of confusion when it comes to financial advice. What's the difference between someone that works for an insurance company, bank, or brokerage house? Or an independaent like myself?  Well the most important question to ask anyone that you are thinking about working with is whether they are a fiduciary.  Id so, they MUST, by law, place YOUR INTEREST FIRST. Often, this will help you determine how they are compensated. If they are willing to show you exactly how they are paid with full transparency on every potential transaction then you can decide whether to trust them.